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Scorpion - Pus Sack could be bugged

I am testing Poison Scorpion now with 30% Pus Sack and I swear it is not appearing at 30% chance. It would get hit by a group of monsters and I barely see it activate. Can you please look into it?

I feel it’s like 5% chance at the moment.

It seems to be working as expected for me. The effect has a 10 second cooldown, so that will be limiting how often it activates.

Yikes. I actually didn’t even notice the 10s cool-down note. The radius is too small to be useful and 3s doesn’t seem enough. I hope the retaliation poison path can be improved. If the radius is much bigger, then Invigoration can work better as a team buff. 10s cool-down is way too long IMO. Right now it’s not a good source of poison damage and not a good team buff with small radius.

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