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Score/Name not shown on ladder

Hi all, great game, picked up over the weekend and ive clocked in about 50 hours since then and have been having a wonderful time. Little to no complains here at all, my only question was when does the ladder page update or is there some way i have to post my score in order to be shown. Initially on my first character i climbed to 66 but was not on the ladder ((solo SC) and just today i made it to 88 on my new character in Solo SC which should put me at rank 19. Just wondering. Thanks in advance

Hi @Spicy56, welcome to the forums.

You are on the ladder, I just checked.

You need to look in the “softcore” section, not “softcore ssf”

Also, as you are not in the top 100, in the next drop-down box you need to select “primalist” instead of “all classes” and you are there in position 35!

If you type “Spicy” in the search box it will show all your chars.

Good luck with your progress.

Ah thank you so much, I guess I was looking in the wrong section!