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Scepte Question (-3 mana spell cost stat)

Said stat in title, which spells does it include? For example Sentinels Hammer Throw and Shield Rush, it seems to me that it doesnt affect it in the skill description or when i cast it… Same mana cost with sceptre and sword…Am I missing something? Coudnt find simmilar topic, sry if there is one.

I am not 100% familiar with those skills. Look at the tooltip and see if it says “spell”. If it does, then that may be a bug. This game works a lot on keywords like “Spell” or “Vitality” etc. if it does not say spell then that is why you aren’t seeing a difference.

My bad, I cant get used to the “[alt] for more information”, pretty detailed descripions, (not a spell xD ) fell like total jackass now, but will remember in the future. Thx

Yea the alt function is pretty important to check when planning a build. It would be nice if that information was showing all the time but I think it is probably good this way so the screen is not cluttered with huge pop up boxes showing all skill details.

I know that feeling but it helps to never forget to press alt again… EVER! :smiley:

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