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Saving Last Refuge final step_drive back the void


I can’t completed the quest [Saving Last Refuge final step] after finishing the final fight of killing the boss.

The shard does not appear. (Please see the attached screenshot)screenshot_after finishing the final (3.2 MB)

And after I went back to town or logout, the quest just re-started it again.

I’m sure @Sarno will move this to Bug Reports rather than Launcher bug reports.

oops my bad. how do I move this to the bug report?

I don’t think you do, I think EHG has to do it.

I created a new Primalist character and found that this character can complete this quest without getting any issue.

Then I tried to create another Mage character (same class just alike the one I reported before). And this time I got the same problem again.

I don’t recall if users can move threads, but it’s done by clicking the edit button (pencil) next to the thread’s title. I’ve moved it.

I also got the exact same bug on a new sentinel character. I thought it was a bug associated with the character so I created another sentinel, but the same bug happened on the second character as well.

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