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Saved games ?

It turns out that I can play on one computer during the day and on the other in the evening. What was my surprise when I saw an empty account on another computer? My account, I tried to restart, but he still offers to start all over again and does not see the characters. On another computer, the characters are still there. How can this be in the game, where the save is stored on the developer’s server? So they are stored on the computer locally, but the game still requires an Internet connection? Actually the question is where the save is stored, I do not want to choose where to play ?! In the folders Saved games and my documents they are not.

The game doesn’t have cloud saving enabled yet, this is beta and will eventually have it going forward to release.

No problem, I just want to know where the save is, to be able to transfer it manually to another computer.

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Refer to the second post in this thread for what you want:

edit: It’s probably worth creating a sticky somewhere because this topic is going to come up a lot.

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Two questions:

  1. When is online characters planned?
  2. When online does become ‘active’, do our offline characters transfer to online? Or do we have to start a brand new character/stash/etc. online version when online becomes available?

Hopefully a dev can answers these for me. :slight_smile:

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This is not true. They’ve stated several times that you will never be able to take an offline character online. Like here, for instance: Online Multiplayer

Just dropping in to quickly confirm this.

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So there will be a “Single Player” which I assume would require no internet connection to play because at the moment I cannot play the game “Offline”.

And a Multiplayer which will be completely separate from Single Player and run on server’s hosted by you?

This was never answered, where is the location for saved games for people who have multiple pc’s?

Somewhere in registry.

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Just found it for others who are looking. They dont recommend it but others got it to work:
HKCU\Software\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch.

Hey! Made a video on how to transfer your last epoch characters to another computer. Had a few ppl ask for this. Let me know if you have any questions, use at your own risk.

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