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Sacrifice issues with blood wraith rune

when i spec my skeel mages to sacrifice my skele warriors they do not cause the 100 percent chance to create a blood wraith when a minion is sacrificed rune from the sarifice skill tree. is that normal or is it bugged thank you. it worls i fi manually cast sacrifice also. thanks alot.

Minions cast their own version of skills, not your own specialised version, it has ever been thus (though the devs do try & name the minion’s skills differently).

When a skill is proc’d by your character and we don’t want it to inherit your specialisation tree, we cause that proc to instead trigger a renamed duplicate of the skill. Because minions and their use of skills (not) benefiting from trees is consistent, we don’t do this there.

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It can cause confusion though, if a minion (Skeleton Mage) is using a skill (Sacrifice from Macabre Waltz/Underlings nodes) that has the same name as a player skill (Sacrifice) but doesn’t use that specialised skill tree (and probably Blood Golems & their Rip Blood node).

While I can see the potential for some confusion there, I just wanted to clarify that we presently do not have a policy of renaming skills used by minions for that (or any other) reason.

That’s not necessary, I think. To stick with @Llama8 s example I think it’s good to have the same name. Saying “mages cast sacrifice” tells me what the skill does very well without any need of further explanation. A small hint that “this doesn’t use the player’s sacrifice tree” would be a valuable info for new players.