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Sabertooth Heavy Paws seems to not work properly

I’ve done some testing with two characters (low level and high level), measuring Sabertooth attacks’ extreme damage values and trying to determine the damage range and average.

Damage range is the same with or without the “Heavy Paws” node (which should give 40% more damage).
But on the other hand, it seems that this 40% more damage is applied always. Unspecialized Sabertooth on a new character seems to gain ~9 damage if I put The Claw on (which adds 6 damage). Seems that 2 base strength comes into play and we get 6 * 1.4 * 1.08 = 6 * 1.512 ~= 9.

So either:

  • Sabertooth has unmentioned 1.4 base damage multiplier, and Heavy Paws doesnt work
  • or Heavy Paws effect (more damage part, at least) is always present, even if the node is not taken.

Thanks for the report! We’ll double-check the node to ensure it’s working properly.

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