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Runes do not appear in Crafting Items tab

Right clicking on a Rune of Shattering in inventory does not send it to the stash panel.

Clicking the Stash Materials tab sends the Runes somewhere, they aren’t appearing in my Crafting Items tab.

I lost a lot of my Runes and Glyphes. :frowning: But hey, Life goes on. :slight_smile:

PS: FYI I just picked up a Rune of Refinement but it doesn´t show up in the new Inventory Tab or the normal Inventory.

Only the Rune of Removal and the Glyph of Stability show up.

Item comparison doesn’t work for items on the ground.

Item hover over “tooltip” doesn’t display for items in the chest in the starter area. Haven’t checked to see if an issue in other areas.

Thanks for the report-- the crating materials issue is just a display problem, you will have the items when it is fixed.

@OneEyedMan Thanks for the report as well, but please make a new thread to report different issues. I don’t believe item comparison has ever worked for items on the ground (it only works for items in inventories or other UI windows), so that’s more of a feature request.

Another bug , related to what ive mentioned some mobs corpses dont disappear for long time and some mobs dont drop on the ground dead, they just freeze. Because of this i can not get to the 2nd wave of arena…im stuck with a pile of corpses, that disappear after a minute or so and nothing happens

We’ve determined this is related to exiting to character select and then loading another character, and have a fix in testing. If you find it happening otherwise let us know.

Please post different bugs in new threads-- it makes it easier to search for and keep track of. I’ll rename this thread to avoid confusion that this is a general reports thread. Thanks!

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