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Runemaster ideas


After looking over all the options in the game currently, I asked about plans for Runemaster in global chat IG. Most seemed to think that Runemaster was basically a trapper. Then, I looked up Rogue - Falconer and that seemed to have traps as a main part.

My thoughts for Runemaster, admittedly a bit bias, would be more of a buff/debuff style class. I absolutely LOVED Mesmer in Guild Wars 1, as it was truly a revolutionary type of class in that style of game. The anti-class. I would really love to see something centered around causing damage based on actions of the mobs, buffs based on my actions, and the interaction between those. A complex class, difficult to master, but strong if you can. The buff/debuff style would also make it attractive for party play.


I’m excited for Runemaster the most personally, but the plan is to have it more or less as a trapper. Warlock sounds like it’s the choice for you–it’s planned on being the debuffer. Personally, I see the control over Runes as wayyyy more than just the ability to buff/debuff–especially since in literary traditions, runes are either channels to access powerful magics, or what magics are made of entirely. Either way, I’ll have fun with it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response and quick at that!

OK, I’ll turn my attention towards the Warlock and see if I can help influence that :smiley:

Good luck on your development of the Runemaster class! I’m sure it’s is immensely fun and perplexing at once.


Well, I’ve already suggested the concept and some skills :blush:
Can only quote myself …

And yet I recommend to read original topic, as I’ve tried to describe the idea in details.

P.S. and yes, there are traps, minions and buffs :slight_smile:


Runemaster is in my eyes pretty obvious:

Place void zones and if something walks into it boom.
Place void zones and if you put another rune on an enemy boom starts a chain reaction.
Place beneficial rune buffs on armor and weapons.
Place devvffing runes as void zones and single target spells.

Whatever Rune for each voidzone is is up to the defs but I would love to see something engaging like a runecircle of frost that freezes enemys 3 seconds after they walked into it and the option to throw a lightnig rune of shattering into it that brakes the runic circle and shatter all forzen enemys for x ammount of damge while frost splineters fly arround. I wish for a rewarding skillbased combosystem rotational elements an realy biiiig aoe dmg.

Minion mechanics would be a bit odd. We have already golems and living armor and weapons as well as animals. Maybe some constructs? I’m not to much into pets and would love to see the class without pets but I’m pretty sure a lot of others want those :D.


Agree. And that’s why I wrote this :slight_smile:

… and suggested …

And yes, there are some “boom” effects :smile: and synergy with freezing.
Though I don’t think it’s right to make exclusive combos for a specific group of skills. Sub-class usually grants 3-4 skills, may be more in the future. So if they will be united via some specific synergies, it will / may make filling panel with all those skills obligatory. And that’s an entire panel which means very small space for creativity :confused: .

But overall principle of comboing skills is totally desirable, at least in my opinion.


Comboing skills would at least make use of all the +x dmg to element x nodes you can skill in the mage tree. If for example the Runmasters base dmg isn’t that high but he has a + dmg to fire skills after you used a cold spell and + dmg to lighning after you used a fire spell and so on to ramp up the dmg while holding the created stacks this might be a very engaging class while you still need to look after your mana to keep it going. May be to stressfull for the everydays not that pro person but at least in my mind it’s fun ^^.
For Minions… maybe he can throw a control rune on an enemy and use them as a minion? Would besomething new mechanic vise and there are intresting enemys out there that may be fun for possible builds.

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