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Rune of cleansing is useless

No one in right mind will start crafting with zero affixes on item

I actually do it all the time with my alts…I find a really good roll on the base item I want for my build…and if it had crap affixes but 0 instability then I cleanse it and put the affixes I want on there. Usually I can get 1 t3, and 3 t2’s of all 4 affixes I want on said item and very early on in the game…makes my alt go cray cray on da ememies.

i Find it useful when starting MoF and then when i get around Lv 70, when i have access to almost bases
Get a good base, slap on Enduring + some prots/damage affix and u r set for early endgame.
Usually i can get 2 t4s + some other affixes

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I sometimes use it on a weapon with perfect implicit because you only really need to craft prefixes on a weapon. But yeah, its use is very limited.

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Personally I think Rune of Cleansing should always reduce instability to 0. Then it would be very nice on items with implicits that I need.

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I craft from white all the time while leveling and early end-game. It remains semi-efficient as long as you’re not using rare shards.

Stab glyphs are your friend. Sometimes it’s worth it to soft reset an item you’re crafting if you got bad instability rolls.

Just add a cheap shard and re-roll the cleansing+stab combo until you get 2 instability. Again as long as you’re using cheap shards.

Gotta keep in mind your opportunity cost. Do you spend another session farming for the right base with high tier affixes or settle for an incremental upgrade via imperfect crafts?


lol nice trick, didn’t think about it.

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