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Ruffuswm Low Life Polar Werebear

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have yout tested combine slow from swipe and stun from werebear form to get more damage bonus?

yes, however you need to go through the life leech node to get it… which means you need to either give up your glove slot stats for Boulderfists or your amulet slot stats for Xithara’s Conundrum neither of those are worth it imo.

That being said… if you are going for a life version werebear instead of ward… then yes by all means use that node

got it, but you think for a life version both bonus should be used or just one? i know slow is a good option but stun mechanics doesn’t look so good since monsters stay stuned for less then one second

you don’t need the stun… you can pretty much perma slow mobs tho… so definitely worth it for the slow, just put chill on your gear somewhere or idol slot, and you attack more than fast enough to have enemies perma chilled/slowed

changing your thorn totem to frost totem also chills enemies when it hits which is up ALOT as well with a 10% to summon thorn totem idol

thx m8 !! if I could at least make Exsanguinous to drop … its a boss drop?

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unfortunately no… it’s a completely random unique drop it can drop from any mob anywhere… unfortunately it can’t even be gambled :confused: so can’t really target farm it :confused: that being said… I have gotten all 3 of mine from lvl 100 mono’s