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Rouj zabat quest could use more clues

first, didn’t even realize I’d found the gems until i noticed the text under the quest had changed.
second, i ended up clearing the area and the previous area twice trying to find him, only to decide it was bugged and just continued the main quest. was very surprised to see him in the city.
suggestion: maybe add something on the ground where you met him to indicate a struggle? perhaps you can include a dropped item or note or something that will drive you to look for him in the city? anything is better than leaving the player with the impression that the quest is bugged or broken and just not having any clue where to find him or look. also some sort of sparkle effect from the gems or pop up text to indicate you’ve found these beautiful gems would also be nice. didn’t realize they were on the boss i’d just killed and there wasn’t anything to ‘collect’ for the quest.

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Hi, which “city” is that i cant seem to find him also?

Im sure you alredy found it but for the newcomers : he is in Maj’Elka down the road from the waypoint


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