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Rogue Minions poisoning other minions?

I’m assuming that the skill which adds poison bombs to the Rogue minions affects not just enemies but myself and my minions?

It certainly appears to and whilst that’s fine in theory - it pretty much kills all my minions and so - erm - it’s not really terribly useful (indeed, those bombs only seem to kill my own minions?)

Those poison bombs don’t hit allies, at least when I used it last patch. If it changed on 0.7.4 then I am not aware of it (bug ?)

All I can say at this point is that once I equipped the Acid Bombs, they appeared to damage me AND my pets were dying constantly…

It makes sense they’d be damaged by Acid but given I have no control over where the bombs are thrown AND where the pets stand, they’re effectively a bad idea!?

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