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Rogue concept design part 4 (Falconer)


Main stats: Dexterity, Attunement
Main weapons: Bow, Crossbow, of hand melee weapon.

Philosophy: The Falconer has his own goals and morals, he doesn’t keep a great deal of faith in other humans, and finds his peace among the wilds. He wants for little, but what he does desire he pursues with a cunning wit and the aid of his trusted hunting falcon.

Class passive trait: the falconer is accompanied by a single, untargetable falcon which augments all rogue and falconer abilities.

(Falcon passives for rogue abilities)
Mutilate: Falcon also attacks the target.
Vanish: Falcon lets out a piercing cry, fearing all nearby enemies instead of stunning them.
Shadowstep: can now be used without a target to swap locations with the falcon.
Dagger throw: Falcon applies blind and bleed to the target.
Spike trap: Falcon taunts enemies towards the trap
Evade: Falcon gives you an assist, increasing the range of evade.
Kick: falcon intercepts the kicked enemy, causing them to take damage even if they don’t collide with terrain or another enemy.

Core Falconer abilities:

Hunters mark: Mark an enemy, causing them to have a higher chance to be critically hit. Hunters mark is permanent, but you may only have 1.
(Falcon passive): Falcon will prioritize attacking enemy with hunters mark.

Honey Trap: Lay a trap at your feet, detonating when an enemy walks over it. Enemies hit by honey trap will be beset by wild badgers until they are dead, enemies can only be attacked by one badger at a time.
(Falcon passive): falcon will carry the trap to a desired location, granting infinite placement range.

Shank: stab your off hand weapon into an enemy, causing them to bleed. Shank generates higher than average threat.
(Falcon passive): Falcon gains frenzy while attacking the victim of shank.

(High tier/ Falconer only abilities)

Phoenix Flight: Empower the falcon to burst into flames and become a mighty phoenix, dealing constant fire damage to all nearby enemies and igniting it’s main target with every attack. Phoenix has rapidly decaying health and can be attacked by enemies. When the phoenix dies, or when this ability is re-activated, the phoenix explodes, dealing large fire damage to enemies in a huge area. The falcon rises from the phoenix’s ashes after 5 seconds
(Falcon passive): All falcon passives are disabled while the phoenix is active.

Birds of prey: Summon a second falcon to attack enemies. (this falcon will not become a phoenix)
(Falcon passive): All applicable falcon passives for other skills will apply twice, will also allow falcon passives to occur during phoenix flight.

Passive nodes (aside from the generic ones)

Bird man: The falcon deals more damage, but you deal less damage.

Into the fray: Melee attacks deal more damage at the cost of ranged damage

Tactitian: Traps can detonate twice after a delay.

What the flock: Your falcon is now 3 smaller falcons that each do 50% of the first’s damage, falcon passives are unaffected.

And a honey badger…: You are also accompanied by a honey badger that periodically taunts a single strong enemy and mauls it.

I’m in. Deleting all my charters and just going to roll rogue’s 'cause this is just OP.

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i mean, if you’re going to have a falcon, it’s only the logical progression that you would also have a honey badger.

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Great ideas. But why untargettable? The untargettable minions in grim dawn/expansions feel needlessly overpowered to me. It just feels unfair to do so much dmg with no counterbalance. You can just afk while minions do everything.

Well, in GD you can also play by hybrid pet master and actively clear your way with minions.

P.S: Also don’t forget about pseudo-pets. In LE as far as I know there are only pure pets.

What do you mean pseudo-pets? Like Devouring Orb?

My main point is just that it is kind of counter-immersion and unbalanced to have an untargetable pet. I get the idea of psuedo-pets but a falcon should be consistent with pet norms imo.


In GD for example pseudo-pets in Shaman mastery are Wind Devils and Totems, in Nightblade - Blade Spirits. Their damage scales with player damage.

I got your point.
BTW, to get pseudo-pet support would be nice to have. :grin:

the trade off is that by being untargettable, enemies will still go for you, the pet provides free damage, sure, but it also draws aggro to you.

There’s little benefit trying to split player damage, and minion damage in your design, unfortunately, and I prefer pure minion build over traps and bows and hybrid self damage skills, it didn’t work out well with primalist. you either focus on minion stats, or you focus on player stats.

i’d prefer to look at it more like the forgemaster design, in that the minions become stronger as you become stronger, but in this case the falcon provides mostly utility in terms of ability assistance which would scale off of the rogues damage.

ahh yeah I thought about that, hoping devs can satisfy an option like that for good middle ground, having the falcon scale like ring of shields, and forge armor, but also being more effective of that style of play out of the box :slight_smile:

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I actually almost always prefer a hybrid pet/self dmg profile even if it is less efficient.

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