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Rogue concept design part 1 (Base Class)

Rogue base class

Philosophy: the rogue is a stealthy guerilla fighter that plays by their own rules, stepping through the shadows to strike a devastating blow against an unsuspecting enemy before disappearing just as quickly.

main stat: Dexterity
main weapon: dual wielded one handed melee weapons

Core abilities:

Mutilate: strike an enemy with both weapons, dealing two sperate instances of damage. (this replaces the auto attack at level 3, or likewise sometime early)

Vanish: Disappear from sight, stunning nearby enemies for 2 seconds in confusion. For 3 seconds gain stealth, allowing you to move unhindered through enemies without being detected.

Shadowstep: move through the shadows to appear behind an enemy, your next attack or ability deals increased damage to that enemy.

Dagger throw: throw a dagger at a distant enemy, dealing damage and distracting them, causing them to come towards you.

Spike trap: Lay a trap at your feet that arms after 2 seconds. The first enemy to walk over the trap causes it to detonate, causing damage to enemies in an area and afflicting them with bleed.

Assassin’s brand (effect, this is not a skill and is meant to be applied as an effect in some skill trees): marks enemies for a period of time, attacks by the rogue against marked enemies return mana and grant frenzy.

Evade: Dodge quickly towards the cursor (in a targeted direction) grants a flat 30% chance to dodge while evade is on cooldown.

Kick: Knock an enemy back a distance, dealing damage if they collide with terrain or another enemy.

Passive nodes (aside from the generic ones)

one man army: while there are no allies near you, your dodge rating and movement speed is increased.

Lead poisoning: melee attacks have a poison chance.

Mercenaries calling: Increases the range at which you pick up gold and health potions, and increases the drop rate of health potions.

Murderer: killing enemies grants 1 dexterity and bleed chance for 5 second, stacking up to an amount of times.

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