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Rip Blood -> Question on Splatter's effect



“Added damages apply at 50 % effectiness” is an effect of Splatter.

Is it a reduction of -50 % of the combat effectines bonus you can have coming from your items or your passive skills?

In this case, does it mean this spell is bad for you, not good ?

That generally means that any flat added damage is applied at 1/2 the value. So if you have +10 added damage to spells (eg, adaptive spell damage, passives that give +x spell damage), then the Blood Splatter would only gain +5. However that added damage effecitveness is only applicable to the Blood Splatter AoE, not the single target element of Rip Blood.

Ah yes indeed, only to blood splatter. So it does not matter.


By the way, it’s not easy to see if Blood Splatter really works, because you do not see your minion damage increasing after you casted a Splatter on them.

I think a visual effect or something, would be good to help noticing that.