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Rip blood minion's passive not working

After several tests on target dummy and on random mobs it seems like the following nods from Rip Blood supposed to affect minions are not working :

  • Blood infusion ; I despite trying with just one minion and with different other nodes, I could not see any dps up on my minion(s) (when they hit from 80 to 110 the range stays the same despite supposed to be 30% more dps)
  • Infused frenzy ; same could not notice any visible difference despite supposed to be 30% faster atk speed
  • Stench of blood ; My minions continue their life and target what they want without prioritizing the “marked” target.

That’s from personal observations, so correct me if I am wrong.

Have a good day.

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Thank you for creating this topic. I had a suspicion that those nodes are not working as they should.

What about the minion leech node from Rip Blood? I guess that one is bugged aswell.

I did not see any leech. But at the time leech was bugged. It seems still bugged now tho. But tbh I’ll have to try again :slight_smile:

All the buffs do indeed work and gets applied to minions in a large area. However the minion you cast it on doesn’t currently receive the buff.

Another thing is if you are high level with lots of increased minion damage, attack/cast speed, leech already, the buff won’t make a huge difference. But I can confirm it is working.

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