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Ring of Shields + Warpath Bugs

Bug #1 the 300% increase shield spin rotation node when you warpath is not working.

Bug #2 When ever you recast ring of shields it defaults to the basic range at which your shields rotate around you even if you have taken the node that increases the range at which the shields rotate around you.

Bug #3 Sometimes you lose your shields and they break off, shrink, and it rotates shields in a C instead of a full circle.

Additionally, whenever you load from one area into a area (eg, a new arena) while Ring of Shields is active your pre-existing Ring of Shields will be spawned separate to you:

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found another bug.

These are known bugs with Ring of Shields that we haven’t had the chance to resolve yet. Thanks for the reports!

Some more details:

The rotation speed doesn’t apply if you cast Ring of Shields while channeling Warpath, but if you channel Warpath after casting Ring of Shields it works fine.

#2 and #3 are due to also taking the On The Path node.

This isn’t specific to Warpath/Ring of Shields. There’s a bit of leeway in what mana value channeled skills are stopped at, and there could be some rounding going on here. Strange, but I believe it’s working as intended.

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ok thanks.