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Ring of shields tree node "Bastion"

This node increases how far away the rings circle around you, but when you use most abilities, it resets the range they cast away from you. I tested it with no cooldown shield throw, and devouring orb. please fix thank you!


I’ve tested this internally and haven’t been able to reproduce this problem. After putting points into Bastion, my shields always circle at a longer distance.

Have you tried this in town / out of combat while standing still, to make sure the shields are at a different distance? If you’re still encountering the issue, a screenshot of your Ring of Shields would be helpful. Thanks.

I have 4 out of 5 points into bastion, I cast ring of shields, it gives the effect, but as soon as I cast a no cooldown shield throw, it loses the 80% circling range, your forum wont let me upload pictures directly from camera roll. I tested it, it doesnt work.

I had to create an account on imgur & upload my pics there.

here is a video.

By looking at your skill tree I was able to do more testing. This bug only occurs if you have the On The Path node, in addition to Bastion. Thanks for the report!

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Thanks, man, you rock! I’ll share it with the community.

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