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Ring of Shields not hitting, either bug or tooltip error

There are two nodes that imply that Ring of Shields can hit mobs:

  • Molten Shields, first line states that physical damage is converted to fire, though this could mean that physical damage taken by the shield is converted to fire, if so, the tooltip could be clarified
  • Fire Spin node “shield hits deal more damage”, since the shields aren’t hitting at the moment, either the tooltip needs to be changed (it also doesn’t appear to increase the damage from the preceeding node’s DoT) or the shields should be hitting but aren’t.

With Banding -> Molten Shields -> Immolation the shields were doing ~40 damage to the dummy (8% fire damage & 248% base spell damage), the Fire Spin node didn’t increase the damage they did.

I believe here “Shield Hits” includes shrapnel. So while the shields themselves don’t have damage to convert or increase, shrapnel does. Immolation is a damage over time effect, which does not count as a hit.

Which is a valid point, but it looks as though “shield hits” can only be shrapnel, so would it be possible to tweak the tooltip to clarify this? Change “shield hits” to “shield hits from the shrapnel node”?

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