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Ring of Shields Healing Shield Node & Paladin Prayer Passive

Hey… Question for those in the know…

Does the Ring of Shield “Healing Node” (Every 3 seconds each Shield heals nearby allies), proc the Paladin passive node “Prayer” (Increased healing and damage if you have healed yourself or an ally in the past 4 seconds)?

Really hoping it does as it solves a passive progression issue I am having…

Probably not since it’s your shields that are doing the healing, not you. Could you not take 1 point in the “heal on block” passive in the Paladin tree?

Already got the heal on block so I will likely just take the Prayer passive, but I was hoping that the RoS node would proc it more regularly without my involvement and I dont use healing skills actively.

I do block often enough, but am using the ranged Shield Throw (Captains) build so there are situations - especially just clearing mobs - where I am likely not going to be blocking at all for more than 4 seconds and I am therefor not actively healing myself, and effectively I am going to lose out on the added damage from Prayer.

It may be ok as I am likely to have the Prayer node activated when I most need it in the heat of battle so to speak, but I’d prefer the damage to be “always up”.

Am finding getting past 20 to 30 Paladin Passive points (to the nodes I want) to be tricky as I dont want more health/res/vitality etc. and Prayer is the only one with damage that applies to throwing…

EDIT: Does damage leeched on hit count as healing that would proc Prayer?

No, leech is leech & buffed by increased leech.

IMO, if you’re not blocking then you’re probably not in any danger (& not taking any damage so any heals wouldn’t proc Prayer in any event). More health, res or stats are always good. I’d probably max Honor (block chance), Defiance (attunement & ele res) & Conviction (phys/fire damage & pen). Then either Holy Symbol (necrotic res & hp) or Valor (vitality & healing effectiveness) to get you up to 30. Though Prayer is available at 20 & has 10 points, so you could max that.

Thanks for the advice… There are definitely options if I wanted to concentrate on health/defence but I would prefer more damage - its not that the build is not doing damage, its just at that cusp of having good damage vs great damage…

If I went for the defensive nodes on Paladin, I would probably need to re-gear for more damage but I have pretty much almost everything in gear that could help damage other than a weapon with complimentary damage related to throwing and maybe a throwing crit chance affix on my body armour.

So, yes, I’d get more tanky with the defensive nodes but I’d prefer to boost damage and then top up tankiness as I begin to feel squishy at higher levels - if I do…

Then it begs the question, is the the Holy Precision node in Paladin going to be strong enough to boost end game (the stat screen doesnt show throwing crit chance so its difficult to tell how often it crits) or should I be aiming elsewhere for more guaranteed damage… Like Void Bolts (works well already)/ Umbral Attunement for Vk or Fresh from the Forge / Shield Breaker… or even Mail Crusher in Sentinel (when I get a sceptre).

Interestingly, if I ignore Holy Precision, the build could be done with any sentinel mastery as I would then not be aiming for any mastery level passive nodes in any sub class…

Decisions decisions decisions… suppose thats what makes games like this fun… :wink:

The benefit of taking defensive passive nodes for resist is that it makes gearing a bit easier.

300% increased crit chance isn’t something to sniff at.

A lot easier and if you want to max all resists without passive/skill help you’ll probably end up using a set resists. Which conflicts with offensive affixes. I consider passive resist an investment in down the road offensive increases.

Yip… Its going to be one of those that I am not going to be sure about till I get there… Wish Dammit would hurry up with his LE website so that we can theorycraft there instead of in-game like he has for GDawn… :wink:

Usually yes, but specifically for this build, having stacked all throwing offensive affixes already and being resist capped at char level 77 (some overcapped)… There really isnt much more I can get in terms of future offensive boosts in gear so using passives to improve defence to give me space for offensive affixes just flips the problem around but doesnt solve it…

Obviously I could just settle with tanking up till Holy Precision is within reach but trying to eek out more flat damage seems to be the challenge.

This is such a fun build to play that I want to stick with it but it requires more than the usual build process…

What passives/skill nodes have you gone with (pics!)?

Ok, dont expect you to spend too much time looking at this but would appreciate your suggestions if you want to give them.

Below is an imgur album of my skills, passives & character sheet.

Things you cannot see from this info:

  • 85% Shield Throw Crit Strike
  • 86% Crit Strike Avoidance
  • Idol: Total 3.5% Damage Leeched as health
  • Idol: 2 x 25% chance to deal 20 fire damage on hit with shield throw.

Obvious gear issues & affixes still missing:

  • Throwing attack crit chance on body armour
  • Using a Cinder Song wand for fire damage boost (fine for now but could be better)
  • EDIT: most gear is T15/T16/T17 so there is a only a little bit for percentage improvements here or there.

Opinion of build right now - Lvl 80, play is fun, skills work and proc each other nicely, dont feel underpowered, dont feel squishy, great mobility, no resource problems.

Main issue is where to go from here to best use the limited passive points left.

EDIT: Some skills have an odd point or two in a “whatever” node just to use the point. Am willing to rework skills provided its worth the headache - i.e. significant improvement to some aspect of the build.

Not sure if you’d get more damage out of Devouring Blade (limited up time against bosses if they don’t have constant adds) or Void Bolts (since Shield Throw has 200% added damage effectiveness).
You should probably put 1 point in Void Corruption for the additional crit multi (it’s only 1 point & will give you 17% crit multi with your existing points in VK). Especially if you’re going to be having high crit chance due to the Lunge buff.

Since Shield Throw is all fire damage (Molten Shield), you may wish to think about possibly taking points in Holy Aura’s Rahyeh’s Fury (5% fire pen per point, max of 2), possibly taking the points from Vital Boon & 1 from Fanaticism, Expedite or Burning Blows.

IMO, the Molten Shields nodes from Ring of Shields are not too useful if you’re not going full pet (since the shields are minions & that damage will scale with minion damage modifiers), you may wish to go Touched by Fire instead for additional fire damage for 4s on RoS cast, or go for Phalanx for more armour on heal.

I’d probably put more points in Prayer (since that will be up against bosses, unlike Devouring Blade) then max Shield Wall (more block) & Holy Precision (more crit chance) and put one or two points in Divine Essence (chance for Divine Essence on heal which grant 10% armour & healing effectiveness). If you have spare points, maybe put them in Staunch defender (armour + added spell damage for Eruption) & Faith Armour (% armour & crit avoidance).

Hey… thanks for the advice…

Definitely experienced this… Devouring Blade does wonders for clearing & in Arena where there are plenty of mobs but I have to be careful with MoF runs esp bosses (keeping a few mobs alive to keep procing the bonus)… As they are easy to respec, I will try swapping them out and see if its better…

Good idea… Not sure why I tend to stay away from crit procs but if I go Holy Precision then this makes sense to take. In truth, I feel like an idiot for totally missing the benefit of this for Lunge - I constantly spam Lunge to get the Initiative anyway so thats a bonus ±17% dam almost immediately.

I had this one maxed out but I didn’t notice any improvement. I seem to get more from Burning Blows and Vital Boon was just to see if it helped any in healing. I will try again now that I am running higher MoF and see if it helps. My gut is telling me to move Vital to Burning… but I will test both options…

I also didnt think Molten Shields was worth it but I didn’t know what nodes to take and I wanted more offence. I figured that because I autocast and it only casts every 15 seconds, all the RoS nodes with the “RoS recently cast requirement” may not be that useful. But I will reconsider as its 6 points worth and if its not doing a decent amout of damage maybe I can use it more for defence (higher value). Not as easy to respec, but I will move them around and see what happens.

Ok. Similar to what I had planned. Limited points left unless I sacrifice other passive trees but thats roughly what I had in mind. Divine Essence however was not on my radar at all… Might just be my sporting past where the best defence is a great offense… (yes yes, not always true but hey)… I will see if I can work it in, even if its only a point or two…

Thanks for your help… Gonna take some pain time respeccing the skills but lets see if it works…

Ps. Got a Blackfire Idol recently - 100% of Shield Throw Damage Converted to Void… not sure how the hell this may work… a Dark Captain… or maybe more like a Homelander Build? :wink:

Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: