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Riddle me this

If I get Pyre Golem, Twinned Golems, and Ivory Twin, how many Golems will summon when I cast Summon Bone Golem, and what types of Golems will they be? This boils down to the wording of Ivory Twin.

I think it reads like this…
Default -> 1 bone golem
Pyre Golem -> 1 pyre golem
Pyre Golem + Twinned Golems -> 2 pyre golems
Pyre Golem + Twinned Golems + Ivory Twin -> 2 pyre golems + 2 bone golems





The most you can have is 2 golems (from Twinned Golems), Ivory Twin just gives you a 50:50 chance for the second golem to be a Bone Golem instead of a Pyro Golem.

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