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Resurrecting Warpath For Patch 7.9 | Build Concept | Build Guide Coming Soon!

YouTube Video Link :

Alright, it took me hours, and hours and hours and multiple interruptions, but as per request from a recent video,

My holy bad build resurrection skills have been invoked, so I took upon the quest of making warpath good again.

Now what do we call good? I call being integral for a build to function and makes the build unique as good. Does Warpath do this? Yes. Is it the best? No. Can we do anything other than Ring of Shields Reflect (ala’carte HunterXHunter’s Version) or DoT (my version)? Not as of right now. Because of the 50% reduced base damage that warpath has, it completely makes making Crit Warpath a complete meme, even with the injection of Dark Nexus recently.

Now we are mainly using Dark Nexus to sustain mana while we warpath, so we can use other skills now…finally yayyy. We are also using Cascading Orb for more balls, including Devouring Orb, even more balls. Lots and lots of balls!

Skill Trees

Passive Trees (Unfinished)


Tunklabs Gear link (unfinished) :