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Restart evry 5 sec my computer

I love this game, but after the latest updates, creating a new character involves rebooting the computer every 5 seconds. My first characters who have such problems do not have it, but you could give the opportunity to change the ascendancy. I have a weak computer, but I will soon buy a new one, which does not change the fact that it is terribly annoying that I have to reboot every 5 seconds.

Hi Tikhilszeh,

I understand you’re rebooting the computer, but could you give a detailed description of what happens prior to you doing so? Is the system freezing, is the computer turning itself off, etc.

It would also be very helpful to know whether this is on Windows, Linux, or a Mac and if you’re currently playing using a desktop or a laptop. Sorry for having so many questions!

Moving thread from #bug-reports to #technical-support.

Windows 10 pc desktop PCs usually stop working with the screen driver and there is nothing I can do but reboot on very rare occasions when the computer is completely shut down. And this happens only in the story line of the game and the creation of a new character which sometimes results in the loss of that character. This often happens when you enter a particular location on the map or the navigation point.