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Respeccing Passives - Bug

Hey there,

so today i respecced my passives for roughly 40k Gold. My character is a Level 71 Lich, so i respecced Lich completly which worked perfectly fine. Then respecced all the points into Necromancer.

So now i have 51 Points in Necromancer but the system doesnt recognize the threshold of 25 Points which means im hardstuck in the middle of the necromancer passives. The system doesnt recognize my mastery in Necromancer either. It still says “Lich mastered” and shows 25 Points in Necromancy and 20 Points in Acolythe. THis would sum up to 45 points. But i have spent 51 Points in Necromancy. This is a really horrible bug for me, since now i have weak passives (bad for farming) and lost a ton of gold.

Any advice? Prolly nothing we can do here right?


Yeah, this isn’t a bug. The only way you can put points into the passives above the fold in a mastery is to select that mastery during the quest at the end of time.

I did raise the question of why the skill point counter stops at 25 for the non-mastered masteries (& 20 for the base class), but the answer was that’s how it works at the moment but would probably be fixed at some point in the future.

That said, there was this, where Sarno said he’d get it fixed…

Ah ok, thank you very much. Well this is somehow sad, bc respecc actually doesnt work properly then. I think this has to be fixed asap and the respecc has to be changed. FOr casuals like me it should be like in D3, where you can change builds/speccs within one click and save different builds (talents, items, skills).

Well, I’m not sure I agree with you there. The game does say when you choose a mastery that it can’t be undone, but I agree that it’s not as casual-friendly, though it does give more “permanence to the player’s decisions” (which some like).

Thank you for the post, and I am sorry that the experience was a frustrating one.

I am going to mark this thread as resolved, as it is a bug report and there isn’t technically a bug for us to fix. You’re welcome to post in #feedback-and-suggestions about respec. :smile:

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