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Respec is Brutal

Respecing seems to be too harsh.

I dont mind being penalised, but having to grind out whole levels again seem to steep.

I’m only L40 and wanting to try different builds and skills paths but after realising how much you are punished for removing multiple skills I dont feel like playing.

This needs to be fixed for early game levels to allow players to experiment.

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Skills level faster the higher player level you are. This is because skills have fixed exp thresholds per level and as your player/enemy level increases, more exp is gained. The releveling system was put into place to prevent players from quickly swapping between bossing skills/builds and clearing ones, a la D3 or PoE. Since the game is balanced around 5 specialized skills this provides an incentive to include both in your build.

I agree that the system is pretty frustrating when you’re first starting out, imo made worse by the fact you can’t see skill trees of skills on the passive tree you haven’t “unlocked” yet (the devs are looking at changing it so you can see those). My best advice for it right now is if you want to change skills make use of your 3rd, 4th, and 5th spec slots as your experimentation slots. 1 and 2 should be a good offensive and a good defensive ability to allow you to continue to clear while playing around with other skills. Try to change 1 skill at a time rather than despecializing everything.

I do have a little bit of bias being used to the system, but I personally like it. It encourages a slower, more methodical approach to build planning, and allows for freedom of choice without making the choices worthless a la D3, where nothing you did really mattered since you could hotswap everything out.


Hello !

You have already a thread on this :

I invite you to post on this topic (easier for everyone).



I did search for ‘respec’ but didnt see this active thread, sorry.

Ill post my inputs in your thread.


My thoughts after reading main thread.


There is an easy solution to avoid the problem you are mentionning : allow respect ONLY at base and not during end game content (in D3 you cant change stuff while in greater rift ) so if you do that then no problem. I agree for more planning type of building of skills (i normally do all of it before starting to spec XD) but i have an example of a situation where the current situation is really painfull : I just tried to do a manastrike spellblade build and noticed that the way i wanted to build wasnt good with the choices on skill itself) so that i why i agree on making it not need to grind level.

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I’m new to LE, and so far, my impressions are very favourable.

However, being new, I want to experiment with different classes/builds to see how they are and find one that really appeals to me. I like the way the base archetypes are setup, and how specializations can really help you find a niche - I’m really eager to try them all.

That being said, choosing a build, respecing skills and talents is not very friendly, and the penalties seem unreasonable - especially at lower levels where experimentation is discourage simply because it hampers your progress. I do agree that you shouldn’t be able to respec on the fly, but there has to be a way to make it easier and to allow players to find different play styles.

There are a lot of potential synergies in all classes with different skill investments, different skills themselves - it would be nice to have a place where we can experiment and then lock in a particular build after its been field tested. I’m not sure I’m convinced about being penalized. Remember that it is often not just the skills and build that you need to change, it’s often gear that needs to be acquired/crafted to support your build. Farming for gear, and leveling skills is just something I think the game can do better with.

That is my only feedback on this topic. I hope you’re able to find a solution

My main problem with re-speccing in earlier levels is that I spent a lot more time trying decide on where I would spend 1 point rather than playing because it was so punishing to level it up again.

I’ve heard that by the time you reach lvl 100, it only takes 10 minutes to level a new skill from 1 - 20 in the monolith. That to me is a reasonable time, but would be happier if that were possible a lvl 50 instead. By then, you should have every side quest completed and the main campaign. By that point, I want some freedom to play around a bit more with end game content.

Another solution I think would be rewarding is being able to bank re-spec points up to say, 5. That way you could completely change one whole node and be back at maximum potential without having free reign to change the whole treee on a whim. If that were possible, the current XP thresholds would be reasonable as is and bonus points would have increasingly large gains to get and stay on curve. If you’ve invested that much time by then, you deserve to be rewarded.

Ps: would love up to lvl 25 on skills!

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Hey mate, i kinda agreed with you at first UNTIL i finish story then i started monolith.

I tried respecing here and there to try different skills and i was actually surpised how fast i was getting back to 17-18+ skills points.

The system is just not forgiving for low lvls who try to completly respec or just try another skill as you will feel it on your lvling progression.

In monolith its quite easy the first rounds so you get lvls there quite fast and easly :slight_smile:

I also think its a good thing otherwise everyone would have found the Perfect build before even reaching 80 ( Well kind of… if you know what i wanna mean)

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