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Respec - How do YOU like, or not like it

This is exactly how I feel and the reason I stated my post. I even said an hr which probably isn’t even accurate. I think its actually much less. But regardless, its very pointless imho.

What they can do is scale the leveling of the skill but keep the level 20 skill skill at level 20. Just make it harder to obtain, kinda like POE where the last few levels of a skill gem take an eternity.

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They just did change the exp curve, that skills need to get to level 20, with the recent patch(0.7.8).

Skills already have a exponential skill requirement, like in PoE, but not as much as in PoE.

They did change the exp required, which led to skills taking longer to level until ~ lvl 80. Beyond that lvl 80 skills take less time to level up. Devs could definitely tweak the exp curve further, but i think that will most likley not statisfy alot of those peope having a very strong opinion about the current systen in general.

I am level 83 now…is that endgame? I recently tried a full respec of a single skill. I swapped level 20 Wandering Spirits for level 20 Drain Life on my Lich. Timed it (I ran only Arena as it seems fastest) to be 30 mins to level a skill from 0 to 20.

Obviously to me this is unacceptable. I already laid my cards on the table and said earlier in the thread that any number of minutes is unacceptable for me. I object to the cost for a respect to have to be payed AFTER the respec, no matter what the cost is. Cost must be paid up front (thus already earned) and respec must be immediate. This is like a slow, delayed respec which is simply horrible. But that’s just me.

I also feel 30 minutes falls into the “What the hell was the point of that? it’s just insulting since I already had Drain Life at 20 from previous experiments.” category. Had I never levelled Drain Life on that char before then I find 30 minutes to be acceptable.

so after reading everyone’s thoughts (yes @Llama8 and @ManiaCCC and @Ghostlight and everyone else i have left off, i really did read replies and thought about them) i think the following 3 issues capture the views of most (sic)

  1. Serious gamers want to feel that building a character takes time, effort, resources and it should not be trivialised through instant reset and reskilling
  2. There are a number of “not so serious” players who want to experiment with different skills to see if they like the style, gameplay, feel of a specific build
  3. Then there is finally me who wants an armory much like D3 so that my investment in a build doesn’t get lost

So my thought to try find a solution within the current respec environment is

A. Global points pool
Instead of accumulating 1-20 points across 5 skills just accumulate 1-100 points which can be allocated to any skill. Doesn’t have to be be any difference in how the point get accumulated from current system, other than they will be earned at a single average rate rather than accelerated like currently when 1 skill is well below the others

B. Char level 1-24
Absolutely nothing changes

C. Char level 25-49
Once you hit character level 25 (which is approx the level at which you unlock mastery) you will always have at least 20 skill points to allocate. I find i normally have 3 skills @ L8 when i hit mastery between L23-25 so this in line with current setup. If you despecialise or respec a skill all points earned above 20 will need to be re-earned but you will always have at least 20 avail. This means you can fully respec (all 20 pts) into any 1 (and only 1) skill and test it out at or around the time you reach mastery

D. Char level 50-74
I find that i have 4 x L12 skills when i hit L49 (ie get to add 5th and last skill) so i would propose that at level 50 you have a guaranteed 40 pts in the pool (you can fully spec 2 skills or any other combination of 40 pts). 40 isnt the maximum as you earn more by playing as is currently the case. But it is the minimum you will always have instantly avaialable

E. Char level 75-99
I find i normally get all 5 skills at 20 pts by around L60-64 so i would say set minimum at 60pts (ie 3 full skills setup) when you hit L75. I think it should be notched not scaled so that you strive to get to L75 and then get the next guaranteed pts minimum

F. Char level 100
Now you have full access to respec all skills as your avail pool is always 100 pts. Reaching 100 also unlocks a “D3 armory” where you can store builds (its just a map of currently selected skills, passives, gear, idols) so that you can effortly switch between say Fire MAge, Lightning Mage, Cold mage or any other mage build you setup. But this is only unlocked when you get a char to L100

Well those are my thoughts. Well done devs on new patch launching tonight i hear, probably means no sleep. Well done guys this game is going only at breakneck speed keep it up.

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I dread this new patch. My 2 favourite builds rely completely on the mass fear node of Marked for Death, now removed. I fear this is the end of the line for Last Epoch and me. Well was fun while it lasted and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to dive into Torch3 and Wolcen for some time.

Sorry, I honestly did not read every reply and perhaps I am missing something obvious, but I found the respec system really confusing. I spoke to the NPC and was expecting some confirmation window and never saw one. I also never found a way to respec skills. I guess you just put a new skill in and it resets? It felt like that needed an explanation somewhere as to how that works. I am a casual player, so probably just something I overlooked, but just a heads up if you are looking to sell more copies to people like me.

After some Googling I found that there the threshold for experience gain changes as you level and face more difficult mobs. This should not require a Google search when ready for release. I personally still find this a huge turnoff. I even refunded the game over it because I just don’t have the patience. I just think that is a bad way to prevent respec abuse. I may be very wrong indeed, but as someone looking to experiment and play with diferent builds in a pre-release it was just a nonstarter for me. Otherwise the game looks like it has great potential. I just hate punitive respecing systems.

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To respec a skill, open the skill specialisation window, click on the skill you want to change & there’s a great big respecialise button. To be fair, this should be in the game guide @Sarno.

This is how the genre works, as you get higher up your levelling slows down and if you go back to a lower area you get penalised on xp. As many have said above (and I don’t blame you for not reading them) releveling a skill is a bit harsh early on but its significantly quicker later on.

You’re not limited to these two options. It IS possible to have both.
Also, why punish new players (or anyone) for picking useless passives or skills? Like, if no one, or the majority of players, don’t take certain nodes, because they aren’t worth it. . .why A: have them in the game at all. . .or B: punish players for not knowing? It doesn’t make sense.

Meh. But then you’re following a build, say, and you decide, “Hey, this skill isn’t for me. This build isn’t for me. Let’s change builds.” You watch a boardman21 video on YouTube and you’re like, fuck yeah, that looks so awesome. . .so naturally (possibly without thinking or knowing) you respec every one of your skills. Guess what? You can’t go back to low level content with low level skills, and level them up. You have to painstakingly go through current level content with level 1’s. . .and that could be fairly difficult.
So while yeah, this is how the genre typically works, I can’t think of another arpg where each skill has a tree, and also has its own xp levels.

I personally don’t find this system gamebreaking, but it is tedious, and could be more QoL player friendly. I’ve had my share of running MoF with a fresh respec, and running through and only killing what low hp mobs I can, until I die from all the high hp mob aggro, and have to start over lol

I like a lot of these ideas, but how about you access this feature say, when you beat the story mode. I’ve never had a level 100 character, because I can’t craft level 100 quality gear. My crafting rng is horrible.

As a new player I strongly dislike that the skill respec system penalises me for trying different things to learn the game.

Good thing they’re changing it then…

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