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Respec bug

In the above picture, it’s not possible to respec either Holy Wave (the 1 point at the top) or Righteous Fury (the 3 pointer next to Holy Wave), despite there being a valid path to Descend & Righteous Flurry (via Aftershock & Fissure). I think the only way to get rid of the points in Holy Wave/Righteous Fury would be to respec from Descend & Righteous Flurry first (so that Righteous Fury would then be an end point). But that doesn’t feel reasonable to me.

Well, it’s not a bug. It is not, as you said, a “valid path”.
If you look at the point requirements for the paths, there are 2 one-way paths that intersect at [Descend], an end point with an offshoot modifier (Forceful Impact).
You can’t travel from [Descend] to [Righteous Flurry] as you require 2 points in [Righteous Flurry] to reach [Descend] from that path.
Similarly, you can’t travel from [Descend] to [Aftershock] because it requires 4 points in [Aftershock] to cross that gap. You can backtrack through one path or the other, but you can’t path from [Fissure] to [Aftershock] to [Descend] to [Righteous Flurry]
They are one-way roads. The only way to get [Righteous Flurry] is through [Holy Wave] and [Righteous Fury].
Just like you can’t take a point out of [Holy Wave], you can’t take the point out of [Fissure] as there are nodes dependent on it.

Yeah, I noticed a while after posting this that you can’t get from Descend to Righteous Flurry. :frowning:

The devs can ignore this…

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