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Request: More and more accurate info needed in character screen

I really hope major work is being done to the character screen in regards to the accuracy of the info displayed. When I have over 400% ignite and the screen says I have 88% somethings wrong. Part of the problem is we need to be able to select tabs that map to our chosen skills so we can see dps and proc values based on current gear and skill spec + passives.
Currently its really hard to clearly evaluate skills and how gear effects them.

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The character screen displays global ignite chance. When you say you have over 400% that is more liekly if your adding a specific skill or the items your adding in isnt global it probly says “with fire skills” Since that isnt global its not on your character screen.

It would be a difficult task but i think all this info would be better located on each skill when you hover over it so you can see the total stats of that skill. so when you hover over it it tells you that particular skills total ignite chance total damage total bleed chance bla bla.

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This is exactly what I was thinking, too. It would be extremely nice to have a summary of all effects of a skill from its skilltree and including all attributes from gear. You could switch a weapon or armor and directly see how it affects your skills.

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