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Repositioning minions

While minions stances might help, the ability to instantly put minions where you need them is important. Here’s two random ideas to help with this

1)Inside transplant add one or more nodes based around transplanting minions with you:
A)When you transplant minions transplant with you forming a circle around you at target locations. +25% health cost of transplant
B)When you transplant minions transplant with you forming a wall in front of you at target location. +25% health cost of transplant

2)Make a whole new skill altoghter called (example) “Depository” with a few example nodes such as:
A)By default the skill moves all your current minions to your cursor location - 10 second CD
B)This node adds in skeleton mages to also be moved - +5 mana cost
C)Wraiths are now added to be moved - +5 mana cost
D)Minions moved by “depository” are now deposited in a line instead of circle at cursor location
E)Golems are now added to be moved - +5 mana cost
F) All minions that are moved are health for 10% maxium life upon arrival - +5 mana cost
G) All minions that are moved cant move for 2 seconds but gain 50% attack/cast speed for 2 seconds

Feel free to add any nodes or change them as you please.

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I really like the idea to have this as nodes inside movement skills, maybe at the cost of minion health instead of character health.

Given that I currently play Flame Wraiths, this definitely needs an exclusion for Wraiths or any minions that are unable to move, or have a massively high cool down, otherwise it would completely offset the restrictions (Don’t know the Wraith immobile node name atm)

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