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Removing weapon unsummoned my wolves

was using a weapon (2h sword) that had minion damage as a base affix. when i swapped this weapon with another one with a different base type my wolves were removed…

Could you please upload a log file from a game session where this occurred? What types were you switching between?

We’ve encountered this bug before but we released a fix for it in a 0.7.10 hotfix, so it shouldn’t be happening anymore.

output_log.txt (2.1 MB)

Slayer’s Imperial Greatsword (1 word) of Authority. While looking this up i noticed that the other 2H greatswords i have in the stash are ‘Great Sword’ (2 words) and don’t have minion damage as a base affix. So maybe it’s because it’s an older weapon? And when i tried to recreate the bug I couldn’t get the wolf to unsummon, so there’s that too.