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Refund Ardent Commander


I order 22 of January 2020 Ardent Commander pack with T shirt… after 1 month a ask support where is the T-shirt and they respond 11.2.2020 with t shirt are send every two months. Yep and then pandemic happend etc.

Now is 22.8.2020 t shirt is nowhere and last week I send email to support noone answer.

So I asking for refund Ardent Commander pack on my account. But this refund is not maily for that t shirt is about game and direction what you have now… focusing maily on boss fights, monolit runs are not a fun anymore and its frustration and also for this what Sarno write:

We do also intend to implement a death penalty.

So Im asking for refund that Ardent Commander pack

Also Im own the game on steam so I will closely look how you progress forward to lunch, but I lost all hopes.

Hi there,

Unfortunately we’re unable to discuss payment issues here on our forum. I see that the team have been discussing this with you - please do continue the discussion there. Thanks!