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Reflection shrines

For a lot of builds, reflection shrines at higher tiers is useless.
The benefit of reflect is 0 if players literally cannot take a hit.

What exactly are you referring to? If I understand it correctly you mean that if you play a squishy character that lives only when not getting hit, reflect is pointless because you have to dodge every hit anyways?

Yeah that’s true. These shrines are most effective for tanky classes that get face to face with the enemies.

So what would be your suggestion? Getting rid of this shrine? Adding shrines for squishy classes?

Maybe ward retention or dodge shrines?

No, because reflect damage is based on the damage you take after protections, so a tanky character will take very little damage & therefore reflect very little. Reflect is best for minions that have low protections. It might be less bad for a player build on a ward character with no protections.

Yeah, you’re right. But even if a tanky character has less of a benefit because if his protections in comparison to a minion build, it can still utilize the mechanic. A dodgy character can’t.

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My point has been illustrated. The fact you have to debate its usefulness and only found niche uses for the shrine is saying too much

Agree with you here.
I rarely see any usefulness of this shrine and often ignore it entirely.

This would be a nice ideal, the dodge shrine, help every builds.