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Reaper Form Reap Attack gets players stuck in walls with no way out

A Melee Necrotic Lich with Harvest and Reap Form has quickly become one of my favorite builds. I leveled her up in time to see the new 0.7.4 content and I love all the new things brought from the patch. However, there’s a game-breaking bug with Reaper Form where using Reap gets the player stuck in walls with no chance of escape. This has happened 3 times while leveling up in the story, and it’s not confined to a single location or buggy wall. I’ve had her stuck in the mountains in the Shining Cove, and each time the only way to escape is going back to menu.

Going back into Reaper Form and using Reap to get out of the walls only pushes you back in. Going back into human form and using Transplant doesn’t do anything either. I know players shouldn’t be venturing into walls into the first place, but this is game-breaking for those who don’t have specs high enough to do precise movement.

EDIT: It seems like this bug was already reported earlier here: Reaper Form Reap out of bounds Bug

I hadn’t seen that before and can confirm that this bug is current as of 0.7.4.

Sorry about this-- we haven’t been able to universally fix but if screenshots are included we can generally fix it for particular places. You can’t upload images directly to the forum, but you can post links to sites like

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