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Reaper Form Health Question

What is your health considered to be while you are in Reaper Form?
Are you considered to have full health? Or are you at 1 health?

Reaper itself is a different health bar, but it is not clear what the character health is.

Here is why I am asking: Can you take advantage of of the “Dance with Death” passive?
Obviously you get the 5% per point to your damage, but does it triple? It would be awesome if it tripled. I think thematically it makes sense for your health to be at 1 as well.

Not 100% sure how to test this since you change forms and other stuff happens when you are in Reaper Form.

So Melee Lich is my main character, than i enjoy most. So i already did some heavy testing.

Basically the system accounts your health just like it would be out of reaper form.
The passive that you mentioned “Dance with Death” just works fine.

Also the Lich Mastery passive where you do % missing hp as extra damage also works.

That is not the case, the system uses your current %Health all the time.
And if you “die” you just get thrown back to 100% health in human form.

There’s no difference between reaper form and non reaper form health for how passives work.
It just you get a free heal to 100% health when reaper form hits zero and ends.

So if you maintain low health reaper then you get the bonuses of the low life passives then?

Yes correct.

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