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Really would like highly customizable private "leagues", especially before full release/ASAP

So the main reason I would like this feature ASAP and even before multiplayer if possible is because it would create more fun things to do in the game and also help content creators organize “tournament” type events and bring more attention to the game, which I only feel would be a good thing because LE is already an amazing game and better than many “finished” games in it’s current state.

I’d also like to add that I say “highly customizable” private leagues because it would be cool, imo, to do things like have a race/tournament event where you could do things like make it so that anyone in the private league cannot even equip gear. Maybe add a functionality to the customization where you can only equip gear that some sort of global, league-wide, loot filter would allow you to equip. For example have an option to make a global loot filter for the league and also a check box for “Also make gear that the loot filter hides unusable”.

But in general, private leagues or just some feature where people could arrange community events (streamers/content creators or not) would be awesome and a bit of a game changer in the amount of progress I believe LE cant make before full release.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you all have an awesome weekend! <3

P.S. I searched the forum for “private league” and dint see any relevant or pre-existing threads. Sorry if I missed one if it does exist.