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Rank #1 melee | Immortal Zealot- Paladin Build (Sentinel) 0.7.10 Beginner/Veteran | With Write Up!


This build is super tanky and can face anything that is in the game and survive. Thanks to block and 96% damage mitigation. We are immortal in almost any situation.



Forge Guard


Sigils Of Hope
Holy Aura
Shield Bash


Health Regen


Loot Filter

Copy to clipboard and past in game

Gear Planner


I feel block is too strong and easy to get at this stage in the game.
You get 45% block chance and about 2k block effectiveness on one Item. This is too much DR one item, I would rather see block built into other classes elsewhere then get that much dr off of one item.


Will use Imgur for the skills next time, didn’t know Gyazo wasn’t compatible. Thanks for checking out the guide!!

Nerf This ?? For you taking 1~2 hour to take down lagon isnt enough of a cons ?

Because yes with other build you can die but clearly i have the time to die 2 or 3 time on lagon while you’re still at it dude…

(ok maybe i abuse a little bit but understand that your build have 0 cleaning and 2dps meaning clearly not worth… it can be worth in one situation ! you play with a “normal build” 99% of the time and then change build just before the boss map and even that you still loss plenty of gold while respec…)

Edit: I forget nice work here ! i like this kind of build (i only contest the fact that you say it need a nerf)

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It took me a whole 6 minutes to kill empowered Lagon. You can get more damage out and be just as tanky but I went hard on the tank

6 minutes is not that long plus I pushed to 380 in only 3.5 hours. This doesn’t even take drastic gear. That is the issue.

It requires minimal investment to become a god and If doing 3 to 4 k crits with a 1h isn’t terrible damage.

But if I could get this with high investment with gear that would be better imo.


Yeah, 6 min isn’t long in the grand scheme of things, but dps builds take 1-2 mins so I don’t think a tanky build taking 3-6 times longer is entirely unbalanced.


Yes maybe nerf this on the way that it should cost a little more to have this kind of tankiness but i really wanted to say “Hey you should take a look at mage with their amount of tankiness and dps”

All that to say “dude dont look down on your build this have a kind of balance here” + now i wanna try it on hardcore + masochist

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I haven’t tried it on maso but I know a similar build can do really well in HCSSF. Let me know how well you do!. I want to do a tanky spellblade or Sorc not sure which yet.

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That would be awesome on them !

And yes this is just an idea im gonna try it but its gonna take a while for me to do so xD

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For sure let me know how it turns out!

nice write-up! thanks. What about the weapon- Undisputed. Is it random drop?

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The base is a Welryn Axe and can be gambled or dropped

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too easy for you… no challenge to create one… a spellblade can fall out of a bed half naked wielding a cigarette butt and still be tanky.


Dang that is serious :rofl:

Yes but Pushing it to the extreme like this build cause… we cant say sentinel arent tanky from start too is another thing

That isn’t the part that is unbalanced it is how tanky is is for the little investment :wink:

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That’s probably where we disagree then, IMO the balancing factor is that it does kill so much slower than a dps build.


This build specifically but hwat about getting 60% block on a 2h build and scaling block effectiveness at 50% dr. Waht about if I was running higher damage with rive still letting everything hit me and taking not damage I have tested both and know them to work and can push just as far this is the only won I push this high bc it is not fun to me. but the others I mentioned can do the same or more.

Very nice. While this is not high dps one there is also a way to make it deals stupid damage and be almost as tanky. Nerf block

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I haven’t played in a while but my AoD lich can phase lagon in about 20 seconds and the entire fight is done in about 1:30

6 minutes is about the time it takes to do a full Sirus Awakening 8 run on POE and he has 4 phases

I have a Sorcerer that can kill Lagon by holding down 1 button and using Flame Ward at the right time you can tank Lagon beam but you need about 5K ward and the dam reduction from Flame Ward up at that right moment or you will snuff it

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