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Rank 1 forge guard build. For now

New ranked 1 build. Forge guard! Armor and prots have finally prevailed!


Nice, small respec and we are ready to go. Thank you for another build! :slight_smile:

Have you gone to bed yet since the 0.7.8 launch Boardman21?

You’re firing loads of these guides out!

Go get some sleep :slight_smile:


i think he is dreaming of builds and when he wakes he try them :laughing:

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Definitely not bored, man! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Funny playing a forge guard without even one forge guard specific skill :D. That’s kind of intresting and sad at the same time ^^.

That’s because the best bits of the forge guard are the mastery bonus & the passives (eg, Regenerator).

Which is kinda sad.

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No time to sleep. Must. Build. Everything.


Damn, this thing looks like; the destroyer of frames or CPU meltdown, please evacuate now! or the calculator, math class is now in session :laughing:

Well he did specialise into Ring of Shields, which is procd by Shield Crafter.

Correct. Then I used lunge so I can move

Nullpointer sets a new rank 1 with a solid 179,371 waves, crushing boardman’s puny 359 waves. Git gud

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Seems like it is a bug or cheat to me!!
179k waves? :astonished:

It is fun as i said before, but whats best to step up with dmg? I am pretty much immortal, but dmg on bosses or named monsters is so low, sometimes i spent like 3 mins on boss in Monolith

I love Boardman’s builds, they are fun to watch and usually creative. That said, he has some of the best gear rolls and idols you can get to make most of these builds. This is certainly a slow killing play-style but you’re nearly immortal. Its showcased for its prowess in arena, where time isn’t a factor, just living. So just take it all with a grain of salt, make your best attempt and tweak it for more offense if you feel the need. Also consider your level relative to his. There are a lot of damage buffing nodes you may be lacking.

Boardman, for the Volatile Reversal skill, i don’t understand why you took the node TimeLost wisdom which means that you no longer restore mana with VR, instead of timelost vitality ?
The node Timelost vitality would mean that you could spam a lot more AE right ?

Because last time i used VR for the mana sometimes you actually lose mana when go back 2 seconds instead of gain… i only wanted the damage buffs and attack speed.

Fair enough :slight_smile:

thanks for a nice build. is there a more beginner first character version of this build like when you just finished campaign to do end game? without orians eye and all the high tier gears, because im stilll using warpath and vengeance only without echoes since it barely does any damage for me atm.

Welcome MEOW22!

This build can be done with little to no gear but wont push as high in MoF or Arena. Boardman… has a ton of great gear and many others like myself have been playing a long while and have better gear as well. For this build to work, you should focus more on the skills used and the build point allocation and less on having the same gear to push super high.

In my opinion, warpath is not a great skill without really good gear and a huge focus on making it even with other skills. You mentioned echos, are you a void knight or forge guard? The reason I ask is because this build is focused on the forge guard which has significantly higher defense built in, which is the strength of this build. If you have a void knight you should look for other builds that capitalize on the class more.