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Random black sceen crash

Random black screen crash happened 3 times in the last 15 minutes. During gameplay, not when loading etc. Completely random, twice while exploring/fighting, once in the skill screen. I had it happen once much earlier in a different area, the last 3 however all happened in Majera? desert area. I play as a Necromancer so many summons on the screen at once. Although the first time it happened as mentioned i was on a paladin, the recent 3 were all necromancer. This is a hard crash, must restart to get back to desktop.

Specs below as well as a crash log i zipped.

32gb ddr 4 ram (152.7 KB)

I’ll add real quick, twice after this has happened when i restart my client to steam it thinks the game is uninstalled until it verify’s the files, never downloads anything but nonetheless after the crash it thinks the game is not installed until file verification.

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