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Rahyehs light


Hi all.

I cant seem to understand how this shield works. Can anyone explain it ?



+100 Health
15% Increased Fire Damage

these should be obvious

50% Less Fire Spell Duration

not sure myself. It doesn’t seem to decrease duration of Fire Shield. It doesn’t make Meteors fall faster. maybe it’s bugged?

Refresh the duration of fireshield at the cost of 80 ward at the end of its duration

this is just a convenience thing, this shield automatically recasts your Fireshield (Sorcerer spell) when it expires, if you happen to have 80 ward (at the moment of expiration) to pay for the convenience.


I didnt know fireshield is only sorcerer spell. (never played sorcerer)
Thx for the clarification!
I thought it was skill that it was given by the shield :p.


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