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Radeon RX 580 (8GB)

From Discorde

Blockquote Sarno: You should definitely have more than 35 FPS on Medium settings with an RX 580 (unless perhaps you’re playing at 1440p?). I’d suggest posting in Technical Support with your system info - e.g. a DxDiag - and your graphics .ini file. (16.8 KB)

First time I run LE on this spec at putch 0.7.3 and can’t play 'cos on minimal settings I have ~15 FPS

Now on 0.7.6 the same spec I hav 35-50 FPS on medium settings

Hi Omnitrio,

Could I check whether you’ve tried playing at 1080p as I suggested on Discord?

on 1080p I have 50-70 FPS on same settings

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