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Radar Overlay Obstructing Screen

I have a weird radar that is permanently drawn on the right of my screen when I play this game. I tried to search this, but I cannot find any discussion about it.

How do I turn it off?

Image showing the problem.

I’ve never seen that before; it looks like an overlay from third-party software.

Could I ask whether this is on Windows, Linux, or a Mac?

This is on Windows 10.
It is really weird, I play a ton of games; and I haven’t seen it on any other games. I’ll try to do some more digging myself…

I’m going to do some digging myself.

Would you mind if I asked you to perform a Clean Boot and check whether it still happens then?

Sorry, I just manually closed a bunch of things one by one.
It is somehow related to the laptop’s internal speakers, and something MSI or the SteelSeries software is running in the background. When I switched back to my headphones in place of the speakers, the weird radar goes away. I will try to do some more digging if I can get a chance.

I appreciate your fast response!

Sorry, it turns out it is an audio driver overlay setting from Nahimic. Part of the factory default loaded software from MSI. There is an option to turn it off. I have included the screen shot and updated this post for reference.

Nahimic Overlay

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