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Quests on Map


I played 3 characters through the quests yet. The given information on quests in quite low. When you reach endgame and have an unsolved sidequest its a pain in the ass to hunt that one down. Same for checking if I got all relevant side quests done.

I would really like to see the quest journal getting redone.
First of all I would like to see the quest location on the map. In best case you would see offered quests in the discovered zones aswell on the map.

Regarding the map. For me as a new player it would have helped a lot if the map tabs (eras) were turned around.
Currently it is Ancient, Divine, Imperial, Ruined.
While the progression is exactly the other way.

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Yeah, but the eras are currently in a chronological order & I think it’d probably be quite a bit more confusing if they were in the order your encounter them in the game (plus you do go back & forth a bit).

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