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Question for the Devs regarding further community development

Yes Master! Apologies for @TriKster s thoughtless words. He’s young and doesn’t know better. It’s not his fault. Please don’t punish him!

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Stop talking to yourself, we all know i’m just your 2nd account! We alrdy discussed that in the introduction thread.

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These voices… where do they come from??? :exploding_head:

No punish him!

And, er, lets get back on topic?

@Heavy, yeah, I’m not sure whether they would want to promote it given that that can (nebulously) infer some form of officialness & (heaven forbid) liability.

I would presume that as the community grows, they will have a “community content” (or something) section of the forum which would be perfect for that kind of thing. But in the mean time, I don’t think there’s any problem with you creating a thread for an unofficial German LE Discord server & linking to it.

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Yes i would explicitly state that it is unofficial everytime i do promote it somewhere.

But thats why i just wanted to be 100% sure.

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and there’s nothing against it in the Forum Code of Conduct either.

But there must be a load of unofficial discords kicking around already. Creating some kind of list might be an idea, perhaps something to have in General chat.

Sorry i am probably a bit paranoid, because of negative experiences >.<

Thanks for pointing towards my own already answered question.

You are allowed to live for today


Is that so? I mean tbh i do not use Discrod very much personally, but i would try to create THE ONE german communtiy discord server, in the hopes that we can offer enough so the majroity of people that are even interested in those kind of communities would gather in one place.

I already have some ideas for german related content, but i will most likely ask a bit around what people would want to have, to even think about joining such community.

just an assumption really but I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to have servers where they hang out already and i’ve seen in game people promoting discord servers along with twitch streams and the like.

Language forums are always valuable though, if you can get if off the ground it would be good for the game. Having a place for players to chat in their native languages can only be a good thing - as long as we never see the official forum or in game chat descend into “speak proper English” place.
Those really annoy me, my second language skills are practically zero and people with the ability to communicate in English when its not their native language shouldnt be flamed because they get some of our stupid grammar wrong.


That is exactly the reason why i try to create such thing. I mean my english (especially the grammar and spelling) is probably cringeworthy at times too.
But i want to deliver some kind of platform for people that either have none or barely any english language skills, but still want to enjoy awesome games like LE.

It is always so much easier to “talk freely” in your native language and meeting like-minded people that enjoy the same thing as you(in this case playing LE) gives you a sense of real “community”

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nothing wrong with your English or how you type or speak it - you can make yourself easily understood for anyone willing to listen and engage.

just dont underestimate how much commitment, time and energy you will have to put in to run something like that, it can be like having another job…unpaid and you get a lot of crap to deal with (having been there and done it I know first hand!)

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Yes i can imagine that, that’s why i hope to find other people willing to help.

@TriKster and @RawSuicide are also german and are willing to contribute something.
We will have to figure out stuff, but i guess we can make something valuable for some people and hopefully MANY people.

My only concern is, that with unofficial community like that alot of “feedback” (suggestions and improvements etc.) can get lost, because maybe there will be people who don’t want to spend much time on the “official” mediums anymore, if they found something for their native language.

And pinned.

well…the three of you are Community Testers. So if you see something important coming up in a discussion then you have the perfect way to feedback officially.
in fact you may find that you can improve feedback because you get German players talking more.

Of course i will try to deliver feedback to the devs, if there is something that is particular hot discussed.

But i think it can be tricky that one or a few persons speak for “a whole community” or for several other people, tryting to deliver feedback from one unoffical place to another official place.

It’s like me saying : “Hey, here are 23 people on the german community discord who strongly dislike feature X”, you need to change that"
I just personally dislike and are strongly against “speaking for other people”

Some games (Eve, as an example) have “community spokespeople” whether they deal with a particular language group or part of the player base (eg, those playing a particular class).

Edit: And “speaking for other people” is kinda part of the job of a community moderator for a foreign language player base (where no-one in the company speaks that language).

Running an unofficial “something” will generate conversations about what people do and dont like and being a Community Tester I already have an expectation of you (and the others) to speak on behalf of me and all the other players if you see something that just doesnt feel right or work right in the version that you are testing

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Well yeah you and @Bax are right.

I mean especially as someone who has alot of experience and as a Community Tester i will try my best to figure out issues and problems that will affects all players.

But what i meant was personal feedback and suggestions for specific game systems. Example for this would be the recently hot discussions about Respeccing or recently added Exalted Items, where feedback is HIGHLY subjective

Afaik there are some communities related to content creators that play LE. I also saw some clans promoting their discords. But there are no only LE related german communities. If there are, would be awesome to know about. So any hints are welcome.