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Question: Do skills that proc off items or other skills inherit the bonuses to the skill

Example: You have a skill that can proc Lightning Blast and also specialized in the skill Lightning Blast. When it procs does the effect inherit all the points you spent on Lightning Blast?

I believe so yes. I currently don’t have any characters with something like this but on the Druid build in werebear if ice shards procs and you have the ice shards skill it will benefit from all of your ice shards skill nodes

I know some do cause i have done it, but idk about all. 1 thing to make sure you check is that the said skill proc’d is actually a skill you have sometimes the names are similiar but not the same. E.X. Flame reave on spellblade can proc flame blast and flame burst and some other things or maybe its fire burst but ither way dont confuse it for fire ball cause they are not the same (you can proc fireball its up top on the left and it does scale with the skill fireball) but some other nodes might trick you. This is a confusing paragraph. Didnt translate well from my brain to the keyboard.

Thanks for the replies, and I really wish we had a combat log that we could filter on to get data like this and much more!

If you press alt for more indepth tooltips you can see if a skill works with the skillpoints you used. For example Flame reave has an option to shoot fireballs and the node that makes this possible tells you so.

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