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Question about shock mechanics


Hi everyone,
I have a quick question about shock mechanics. I recently got the unique Stormtide that has “120% shock on Lightning hit”. Say for example if I am not casting lightning spells but I have an item with “+13 lightning spell damage”, would that allow me to trigger shock effect from Stormtide? Also, does the “+ lightning spell damage” gets triggered by all attacks or just direct damage attacks?

Thank you in advance.


I read it as “Your spells do 13 additional lightning damage”, so a fire spell would do its fire damage and 13 lightning damage.
Thus, I’d assume the shock would work as well. But that might be chained to the “Lightning” Tag of Skills.
What do you mean by “all attacks or just direct damage attacks”? If for example your fireshield would also do 13 lightning damage?
Because minions don’t Profit from it and I don’t really know which spell wouldn’t Count as direct attack.

PS: I know that doesn’t really help, I just wanted to Show that you’re not alone in this confusion about what does how much and synergizes with what :smiley:


Thank you for your reply. Some games label dots as indirect damage and the skill that caused the dot as direct damage. So I was wondering if I apply poison or a burn if those ticks would also have the +lightning damage.


Oh, okay. No, they won’t. DoT effects in Last Epoch are very distinct mechanics. Poison, Ignite and Bleed are specific damage types that always are DoTs and only DoTs. No hits, and I believe not spells either. So they only gain from +DoT% and +Poison/Ignite/Bleed%. (Currently not sure if there are +Flat Damage for them). (EDIT: And +Damage%)
I thought you talked about for example Tornado, which isn’t a minion and casts lightning bolts when skilled that way. There I assume both the Tornado damage and its lightning bolts would gain the +13 damage, but I’m not sure if its lightning bolts really do, or if that Counts as a seperate ability that you can’t increase by flat damage.

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