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Question about manifest armor

I’m currently trying a build with manifest armor and there is something unclear (or vague) about the stats that are considered by the armor.

Are the stats in question only the implicit stats of the piece of gear, or are the affixes of the object taken into account ?

I believe they are the entire stats of the item.

Ok so here is the thing.
Right now my armor has the weapon node + the 200% increased effect on gloves nodes + 120% bleed chance nodes.

Weapon is eye of reen. So 160% ignite chance.

I wanted to use the Maehlin’s Hubris gloves. If your assumption is correct I should went form 160% chance to 160 + 3x120 = 520% chance. Plus the fact that I should have 150% increased fire damage over time (3*54) from the gloves too.

But on the dummy when I launch only 1 attack, there is absolutely no difference in the tick dps with or without the gloves. So apparently I’m neither applying more stacks nor have an increased of fire dot damage.

So is there a bug or are unique mods not taken into account ?

im curious about this too im doing a similar build rn anyone got answer how the stats are calculated ? maybe the gloves stats dont take in account the bleed nodes from the mastery is my guess… maybe try adding another source of bleed points in the helm or something to see if it increases then or if you get 2 ticks

Your bleed chance from your mastery won’t affect Manifest Armour since that is a minion & would require minion bleed or bleed on any other items that the Manifest Armour skill tree is applying to the minion (adding bleed chance to the helm, as you say, or your weapon if you take the Titan Mace node) to be converted to ignite.

Manifest armor has bleed chance in its skill tree. My idea was to use the Maelhin’s Hubris unique affix of bleed to ignite conversion combined with the 300% stats from gloves.
But again the wording is (in my opinion) incredibly vague in how those stats are impacted.
If you assume that everything is impacted by 300% then I should have 300% conversion from bleed to ignite.

But it is not the case. Tries on dummy shows that with or without the gloves the DOT tick value of my manifest armor does not change at all. Really not at all. So there is something here that either doesn’t work as intended (unique mods not impacted) or something work as intended but the wording of the skills and nodes is either contradictory or poorly worded (depends how you see it).

Edit : The same goes for the Sunforge mods which i wanted to combine with the gloves. I can let my armor getting hit a thousand years not a single forge weapon will pop despite having in theory 20% to get one (if by the term “stats” the devs imply any numerical value the item possess (possesses ?)).

So there is something here that either doesn’t work as intended (unique mods not impacted) or something work as intended but the wording of the skills and nodes is either contradictory or poorly worded (depends how you see it).

Only %chance to bleed from other sources of gear should work with manifest armor if you have taken the correct nodes in the manifest armor tree (Weapon/shield/helm/gloves/boots. So if you gave it a weapon with the mace node, then whatever weapon you have equipped that has bleed chance on it (including the implicit) would be converted to ignite chance for your manifest minion, ect…

The bleed stack node in the manifest armor skill tree will not work with it’s bleed stacks node because it’s not a %chance to bleed, it’s bleed stacks. also conversion does not allow you to convert more then 100% of damage. 100% means 100%. no extra value is added to it (it’s treated as the same way with some other stats such as critical strike avoidance, and glancing blow. having more then 100% does nothing extra.

Ok I understand for the conversion.

But the sharpened metal node in manifest armor is a bleed chance so it should be converted to ingite. And then the fire damage over time affix should normally be 300% of it’s value.
So why the value of the tick dps doesn’t change ? Ok I don’t have more stacks I just convert all my bleed stacks to ingite stacks but the increased fire over time affix of the gloves should makes a difference damage wise.

But the sharpened metal node in manifest armor is a bleed chance so it should be converted to ignite This is true. the bleed chance should be converted to ignite with the gloves. If that’s not working as intended then you should probably make a detailed bug report about it on the forums, I haven’t tested it myself, but I did get confirmation from one of the devs, that the gloves should be converting sources from skills, as well as sources from gear.

I really struggle to get behind the mechanics of the manifest armour, too.

There should be a detailed description of what the rules are for affixes (which work, which do not).

What I think to remember from reading somewhere is that unique effects don’t work if they are unique…

So any standard effects that can be found on affix shards will work if these are on uniques you use. But really unique effects that do not exist as affix shards won’t work.

In your example it’s the proc of summoning forged weapons. Because this is a unique effect, it does not work on manifest armour.

To be honest if that’s case (which I fear too) it kinda defeats the purpose of using manifest armor if it’s not to play with boosted unique mods.
Like if there’s not already tons of other regular interactions for other skills a thousand times more busted than getting a meager 20% change to forge a weapon on getting hit…

Execute is not a an affix found on an affix shard, and it works too, as I have said before, which I have tested, any unique item effect that does not say “you” will work with maniest armor. For example, the unique weapon “Last Laugh” execute proc applies to manifest armor, So far in my testing any unique modifier that says “you” will not apply for manifest armor, but every other unique effect type will. Devs have also stated that in the future, nearly all item affixes pertaining to “you” will be able to be used with it in a future patch. Unique item effects from shields, also apply to ring of shields as well, at normal stat scaling values of 100%. Hope this clears up the confusion on how to properly use The sentinel minions. Forge Weapons works in the same way as well with weapon uniques. :slight_smile:

Also “when hit” counts as a you modifier as well, so it wont apply to manifest armor either.

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Must have missed your statement. Thanks for the info :smile:

The skill itself revolves around using the armor as a proxy to fight with increased stats. It kinda goes against the core idea of the skill that any modifier counting as a “you” modifier is not applied to the armor as the armor “replaces” you in the fight.

But as you said it should be corrected in the future so I’ll put that toon on hold and go back to it when things have changed regarding that.