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Question about Halvar´s 3-Set Bonus

quick question, is the avalanche boulder dropping from the halvar´s 3-set bonus affected if you spezialize in avalanche in your skill tree or is it just the default one?

€: For everyone else wondering, i just tested it and it works :slight_smile:

Yes it is. The only time a skill that procs doesn’t use your skill tree is if it’s proc’d by a minion.

While this might be true for Halvars, unfortunately this isnt always true as a general statement…

Trident of the Last Abyss does not proc Abyssal Echoes on your skill specialisation - it procs a basic version of Abyssal Echo instead. Confirmed by boardman21 here Does Trident of Last Abyss proc Abyssal Echos (as specialised skill)?. Not sure if its intended or a bug.

That’s probably a bug.

Dont tease me… if it is really a bug that could be fixed it would make the Trident potentially a fantastic weapon. :crazy_face:

Will see if I can update the thread to go to the bug section.

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