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Pyre Golem is annoying!

I read the golem nodes and got excited, decided to level a bit so I can reach the juicy fire aura + degen nodes.

I fully upgraded the aoe, got a beefy pyre golem, I’m also leveling it for some extra points of vitality and armor.

Why is Pyre Golem so annoying?

First of all, I thought the pyre aura is something the golem activates once, but to my surprise, every 4-5 sec, the golem recasts it, and sound wise is annoying af.

Now, I understand if the golem casts the aura right after spawning, but not every 5 seconds.

Also, the aura ring (visual approximation of aoe) spawns way below golem’s feet, most of the time clipping beneath the textures of ground, making me wonder if the aura is active at all.

It’s a common issue with the spiral hammer throws, where the textures of the void aura spawn underneath the textures in most places.

This is an annoying issue (sound wise), but fixable.

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