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I have scoured much of the internet for an ARPG with PVP endgame systems like Diablo II. In my searches, I found Last Epoch. It seems like Last Epoch or Diablo 4 may be the final hope for that kind of game. I really want to support Last Epoch for the PVP system but I grow weary due to the fact that Diablo III betrayed our trust; not just in PVP aspects. But I am sure you know what I mean when I refer to the PVP aspects. I cannot play without it; the idea of building one’s character and developing it with progression and going man-to-man, potentially full loot options, putting it all on the line.

I would give all my money and support to this game and I do not so easily say that after the Diablo III fiasco.

Is the development team here committed to PVP? I do not ask for balance, no this build is op bs, etc, but if it is all one shotting and not fun, are developers not going to touch it?


Firstly, welcome!!! PVP is not implemented yet but is one of the feature that this game will included. The Development team is very appasionate with the ARPG concept.

I bought supported pack a week ago and I can said, was a correct desicion.

The game in the actual condition (alpha) is the best alpha that I touched in all my life. As you, I’m a fan of the arpg and I come from D2 also (because D3 is a piece of …). I tried many other games like GD, TQ, TL, Wolcen. In my opinion, last epoch is in the correct way to be a wonderful game. Join the discord channel maybe one member of the Dev Team can response your questions about the pvp (I also here for this feature). @Sarno can you say some details for the big hype . Thanks in advance


Hi, thank you for your comment. I have watched some gameplay videos and I do like what I see. I just want to see the path for the future to know if my investment will be supported due to coming to a game for only one real reason: endgame PVP.

I love ARPG, killing things, gaining loot, and everything about it, but it feels like a waste if there is not a way to PVP and a want to farm loot to make specific builds or change builds/etc.


PvP would be nice, but non-essential.


While im also super keen to have PvP, I do think that because of the huge amount of passives and skills and modifiers to skills PvP is going to be quite some way down the line and will probably have a huge amount of balance necessary to make it anything beyond one or two meta builds.

Not saying these great guys cant do it, just that I suspect it’ll be alot of work to bring it forward.


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